NIC Board Approves Strategic Plan

NIC’s Board of Governors approved BUILD 2026 NIC’s strategic plan 2021-2026 on Thursday, May 27, 2021 paving the way for us to realize our exciting new vision for the College in the next five years.

The strategic plan builds on the values and core ideas heard in the region in 2019 and 2020, integrates the learnings of the fall 2020 academic plan, Widening Our Doorways & a 10-Point Plan to Reset, Reshape and Renew Learning at NIC, and is informed by ongoing discussions with students, employees, and communities.

The consultation has informed almost every aspect of the plan – including an improved mission statement and a more detailed environment section, revealed on Thursday.

Working together with the Indigenous Education Council and Kelly Shopland, NIC’s Director of Indigenous Education, we are grateful to co-launch BUILD with the first Indigenization Plan in NIC history, on June, 21 National Indigenous Day. The two plans will work in tandem during the next five years as the College works toward lasting and meaningful reconciliation. We will celebrate and promote BUILD 2026 more widely with students and employees in September.

The College now moves to designating responsible leads and teams for each section of the plan and establishing the budgeting and reporting processes to support the plan’s implementation.

The consultation process with the community is ongoing.

"I want to thank the NIC Board of Governors for their input, approval, and support; the College Plan Committee and NIC’s Education Council for their perspectives and feedback; and every student, employee or community member who took the time to meet with me or provide input online," said NIC President Lisa Domae. "You have made my first six weeks incredibly rewarding."

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